Astronomi ve Uzay Bilimleri Bölümü Semineri 26.03.2015

Konu: “The Potential Diognostic of Differential Seismic Method in Constraning Stellar Models : Alpha Cen A & HD 177153”

Konuşmacı : Dr. Nesibe ÖZEL

Tarih : 26.03.2015  Perşembe

Saat : 13:30

Yer : İÜ Fen Fakültesi, Astronomi ve Uzay Bilimleri Bölümü, Büyük Amfi II

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Stellar physics is renewed by asteroseismic observations provided by the CoRoT and Kepler space missions. Scaling relations based on global seismic parameters provide relevant estimated of the stellar masses and radii. In order to increase the precision of these scaling relations all along stellar evolution, we  propose to  perform  stellar  modelling  on pair of stars  with similar  characteristics.

We address the accuracy of the scaling relations and asteroseismically inferred properties by means of differential analysis method, with  stars for which it is possible to  independently  estimate  the properties to a verifiable (high) level of accuracy (e.g. binary stars). To study in detail the strength of the method, we chose the reference model of a Cen A based on new observational constraints. The new set of long and nearly continuous observations of a Cen A should allow us to derive an accurate set of classical and seismic constraints to compare to models, and make inferences on the internal structure of its seismic bright twins such as HD 177153.

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