In 2002, all publications in our departmental library had been transferred to the Faculty of Science Library. It was reopened as the Department Library in 2006, however it could not enter service until the April of 2009, because the neccessary renovations could not be completed. Our department, which has undergone a process of restructuring since the April of 2009, was reopened on the 30th of October, 2009 as the “Sait Akpınar Library of the Physics Department”. The publications in our library can be accessed by internet. (

Our library, which is open from 8:30 am to 10 pm on weekdays, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, can be accessed by faculty members of the physics department, students of the physics department, faculty members and students of our faculty, and researchers not affiliated with the university.

In our library, “Systematic Placement” of publications has been done in order for the researchers to be able to view boks on the same topic at the same time and 10 computers with access to the internet are available for use by students.

Our library is open to the faculty members and students of Istanbul University, and faculty members and students of other universities, in addition to the faculty members, as well as the undergraduate and graduate students of the Physics Department of Science Faculty of Istanbul University.

Faculty members can borrow books from our library, whereas students from other departments of our Faculty and researchers from outside the university can access our library by copying documents. Students of the Physics Department can use the common area to study by utilizing the resources of our library and to use computers that are connected to the internet.


  • Students can not borrow books. A physics student can either copy a book or use it in the library, while non-physics students can only copy a book.
  • Faculty Members of the Physics Department of the Science Faculty of I.U. can only borrow 2 books for a period of 1 month.
  • Users from outside the university can only copy library materials, they are not allowed to borrow books or publications.
  • Reference materials, periodicals, unpublished thesis, handwritten and printed rare books can not be borrowed.
  • A faculty member can not borrow a book or a publication on behalf of another faculty member.
  • The librarian has the right to request the user to return a publication once the due date has passed if it is requested by another faculty member.
  • The librarian has the right to request the user to return a publication before the due date if another faculty member requests a part of the borrowed publication to be copied.
  • For lost books and publications one is obliged to buy a new copy to replace the lost one, for lost books and publications whose prices are not known, a price has to be determined by a commision formed by the Head of the Department and the determined price has to be paid. Lost books and publications can not be replaced by their copies.

Thesis in our library are placed according to the year in which they were submitted. Users from outside the department can make use of the thesis by making copies of parts of them.

Periodicals have been placed in the Rail System of Storage Room, after their places had been determined. Periodicals can not be borrowed, the requested article can be copied. Click here for the list of the periodicals in the library.

Those who are not faculty members of our department can make copies of the materials in the library by leaving their ID cards temporarily. According to the law, thesis can not be copied completely.

Our library is open for the whole year, between 8:30 am and 10 pm on weekdays, and between 10 am and 4 pm on Saturdays.


  • The fundamental rule for using the library is to be silent!
  • Food and drinks must not be brought inside,
  • Students who come to the library must hand their IDs (student ID, social security card or driver’s license) to the person in charge,
  • As borrowing books is not allowed, students can use the books either in the library or by copying them,
  • When leaving the library, if requested, you must show the books you have with you and your bag to the person in charge,
  • Those who lose or damage materials in the library must buy a new one, if that is not possible they must pay the price of the material,
  • Cameras, etc. should not be used in the library without permission.
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