Mathematical Physics Division Library began to form in 1954 with the establishment of the Institute of Theoretical Physics. It is the first and only library of Theoretical Physics Chair in Turkey. Our library, that was enriched by Assoc. Prof. Fikret Kortel’s and especially by Prof. Ahmet Yüksel Özemre’s efforts, currently has approximately 4500 books.

In this library mainly Mathematical Physics books and books on other subjects including Physics, Philosophy and History of Science are available. Our library is a specialist library that appeals to the researchers in Theoretical Physics.

Computer input of magazines and books is being done by a catalog program called “UFUK” and our publications can be accessed on the internet.

Catalog Scanning:
“Systematic Placement” of publications is not yet complete in our library. Therefore,
no books are lent to students. Only members of the Physics Department and retired faculty members are allowed to borrow books.

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