In 1933 the Faculty of Science was founded when the University Reform was made and started education in Zeynep Hanım Konağı (Zeynep Hanım’s Mansion) with the help of academic members invited from abroad. In 1935 the Observatory and in 1936 the Botany Institute buildings were completed, however, due to a fire in 1942 Zeynep Hanım Konağı was completely burned. The new faculty building was finished in 1952 and opened for education.

Zeynep Hanım’s Mansion
1933 – 1942
Faculty Building Nowadays
1952 –

Before the 1933 University Reform the Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Geology,Mathematics, Physics and Zoology chairs, which were included in Darülfünûn (University), continued to function in a modern way after the Reform and Geophysics education started in 1952, too. In 1967 the Chemistry Department was separated … the Geology and Geophysics Departments were combined under the Faculty ofChemistry and the Geology and Geophysics Departments were gathered under the
name of Faculty of Earthly Sciences. As a result of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 accepted in 1981, the Faculty of Science was reorganized into Astronomy and Space Sciences, Biology, Mathematics and Physics Departments. Since 2003, with the addition of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, the faculty now consists of five departments.