Department of Physics


Our department, which began its educational activities in 1911, as part of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Funun (Sciences) Branch of Darulfunun (University) and which was named the Physics Department by the University Reform of 1933, is the first Physics Department of our country.On our historical campus, a wide range of research extending from Atomic Physics to Cosmology, from Thin Film Physics to Nanotechnology, from Particle Physics to Chaos, from Semiconductors to Nuclear Physics is conducted along with the high quality education given.

The cirriculum that is updated in view of worldwide advances, comprises 25% elective courses. Our students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in theoretical courses, in laboratories equipped with modern technology. By choosing one of Solid State/Atomic and Molecular physics, Nuclear physics and Theoretical physics groups, students can lean towards a field of research they find intriguing and under the supervision of an instructor they choose as part of the Advanced Physics Applications course they can acquire more knowledge and improve their skills. Educational and research activities in our department are carried out in the following 6 divisions: Atomic and Molecular Physics, General Physics, Solid State Physics, Mathematical Physics, Nuclear Physics, and High Energy and Plasma Physics.In all divisions, there are graduate programs, too, directed by the Institute of Natural Sciences, both as 2 year master’s and 4 year doctorate