Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics


Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics was founded in 2003 to educate molecular biologists and biotechnologists who have analytical thinking ability, are inclined to interdisciplinary collaboration and who can compete internationally in basic and applied fields of life sciences.

Although we are relatively a young department, our origin goes back to the University Reform of 1933. “Principia Genetica” is the first book on genetics published in Turkey, written by Germanscientists, Ord. Prof. Dr. Alfred Heilbronn and Ord. Prof. Dr. Curt Kosswig who worked in Pharmacobotanics and Genetics Department at that time. The book has been translated into Turkish by Prof. Dr. Sara Akdik, the first female student of “İstanbul Darulfununu” and later becomes one of the first female geneticists who was educated at the chair.
We commemorate them all, together with Prof. Dr. Emine Bilge who has started the first mutation studies in plants; Prof. Dr. Melekper Oktay who has given the first genetics courses; Prof. Dr. GonulBara who is the first leader of molecular biology and genetics training programs and founder of Molecular Biology Section; Prof. Dr. Metin Bara, as a former Dean of Science Faculty and a member of TUBİTAK Scientific Council who was among the first people to have introduced the concept of modernbiotechnology, with respect, love, and gratefulness and we miss them