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Science; is the only way for us to find ourselves, to understand the world and the universe, to live a peaceful and happy life, to resolve our endless curiosity and to find the best solutions to our problems.

Without science, you could not read these lines, we could not find a way to live in peace, be fed and stay healthy in our increasingly crowded world.

Think about a faculty who has the goal of being "Turkey's Leading Science Faculty” with the knowledge and experience accumulated by being a part of the first established university in our country, with its continuously renovated buildings, with the infrastructure that can create a healthy environment to research and to work for its staff and with students who are educated in a great history, culture, nature and social life in the heart of the most perfect city in the World… Which other words can be said?

Being a very good student, being able to make a career after graduation, demonstrating distinctiveness and success in any business environment, learning English as a foreign language that can easily integrate a person with the World… These are beyond imagination, they are our faculty’s facts.

To be successful: First WHY? Then WHAT? And finally HOW? We follow these questions and direct our lives. You will be in the gold circle of this achievement.

The modern and functional laboratories of our faculty are waiting for new students to contribute to our country and world science...

If patent is the most important document in your hand when you produce a brand new product,  Istanbul University has been the most patent applicant for the last three years. The Faculty of Science is also part of these intensive studies.

International collaborations are at a high level. Almost every faculty member works with an international university or research center.

With 238 faculty members including 10 foreign lecturers, assistants and staff who are increasing in number each year, and annual student quotas which never decrease, we are shaping our country’s future in science with our successful graduates who can think analytically.

In 1933 the Faculty of Science was founded when the University Reform was made and started education in Zeynep Hanım Konağı (Zeynep Hanım’s Mansion) with the help of academic members invited from abroad. In 1935 the Observatory and in 1936 the Botany Institute buildings were completed, however, due to a fire in 1942 Zeynep Hanım Konağı was completely burned. The new faculty building was finished in 1952 and opened for education.

 Zeynep Hanım's Mansion  Faculty Building Nowadays
 1933 - 1942 1952 - 

Before the 1933 University Reform the Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Geology,Mathematics, Physics and Zoology chairs, which were included in Darülfünûn (University), continued to function in a modern way after the Reform and Geophysics education started in 1952, too. In 1967 the Chemistry Department was separated … the Geology and Geophysics Departments were combined under the Faculty ofChemistry and the Geology and Geophysics Departments were gathered under the
name of Faculty of Earthly Sciences. As a result of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 accepted in 1981, the Faculty of Science was reorganized into Astronomy and Space Sciences, Biology, Mathematics and Physics Departments. Since 2003, with the addition of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, the faculty now consists of five departments.


The mission of the first Faculty of Science of Turkey, the Faculty of Science of Istanbul University is to provide critical thinking ability and equip individuals with professional skills, contribute to the scientific and technological development of the country by doing internationally acknowledged research and play a key role in transferring scientific knowledge to the community.


Faculty of Science at Istanbul University would become an internationally acknowledged, preferred and recognized faculty.